Summer School Program


Reading & Math Recovery

Who should attend:

All Students who want to have a fun and learning experience.

Students who want to learn about another culture, another language and friendship experiences.
Students who need help demonstrating proficiency and/or don’t meet state academic standards.
Students who need to improve literacy skills

Program Services

and Math
Recovery Program

is offered
from the third week of June to the third week of July every
year at Our Center on 1687 Summer St Ne Salem OR 97301.

Visit our websites for updates
and locations of
upcoming programs.

* Classes are taught in a Dual Language environment.
* Multilingual learning is always encouraged.
* Bilingual and Bi-national teachers from Jalisco,
Mexico. Teachers are certified by
PROBEM (Binational Migrant Education Program)

The Reading & Math Recovery Program is for low
academic performance students. Our goal is to prepare students for
the upcoming school year by providing early intervention and recovery
in the areas of math and reading. Any student with reading and math
challenges qualifies for this program.

The program offers students the opportunity to catch-up, advance and be
prepared for the challenges of the next grade level. Furthermore, program
staff helps young students build their self-esteem, achieve academic success,
and build student’s willingness to continue school without the fear of under

Enrolled students will attend from Monday through  Friday,

from 8:30 – 3:00. Each student will be pre and post-assessed

to assure their academic progress in reading and math.

The assessments help teachers place the student at the appropriate

reading and math level.

"Linguistically & Culturally Appropriate Services"

Students participating in this summer
program will experience...

Key components of the Reading & Math Recovery Program:

1687 Summer St NE Salem OR 97301 US


Where children learn to achieve their unlimited potentials.

Your child will experience SUCCESS!

About the Program

• Instructions provided in English and Spanish.
• Classes focus on reading, mathematics, social skills development, and English and
Spanish language development.
• All students will receive Mexico’s elementary textbooks provided by the Mexican Consulate.
• Promote nutritional meals and nutritional education.