This is an intensive five days course, which gives monolingual Spanish speaking parents practical
tools to help their children build literacy, and math skills. This will help their children be on top of
their class and ready to learn on their first day of school. The course provides the tools and advice
to parents that otherwise would not have been exposed anywhere else. Parents will understand the
meaning of “Parents are the first teachers of their children”.
With an established curriculum, parents will work with their children at home. During the five
days course, we will show them to become familiar with the curriculum, before teaching it to their
children; this way parents understand and appreciate the rationale behind the curriculum.
In this course, we prepare parents on how to be the real first teacher of their children and to take
ownership for their children’s educational success.
Parents will learn to see themselves as teachers in their own home and to ensure that their child
will be ready to start school and ready to learn. Parents are responsible to maintain an activity
journal during the process. In the journal, parents will share their experiences teaching and
practicing the activities with their children. In addition, parents will know what type of activities
will present to their children during the summer and how to keep track of their children learning

which parents will use at home with their
children during the 12 weeks of summer. In
addition, we provide a tool kit for each of
the parents with all the necessary materials
and tools to follow and accomplish the
curriculum’s activities.

We teach parents to discover the joy of teaching their babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and
give them the gift of literacy. According to Glenn Doman, Founder of The Institute for the
Achievement of Human Potential, “Reading is not a school subject, like geography, but a brain
function, like seeing and hearing and tiny children should be given the opportunity to learn when
is easier for them to absorb new information: from birth to six”.

Training is

offered in


Literacy...why in the
child’s native language?

We provide training and detailed
instructions on the curriculum

As part of the course, parents are mandated to present a report of challenges and successes in a follow-up gathering that will be held in the third week of September.

Faces of America staff will keep track of these parents to maintain track of their children’s educational progress.

This training has been offered every year for the last ten years on the third week of June.
And throughout the school year where requested by other schools and organizations.

What makes this training unique?

It is impossible to ignore the importance of literacy in education.
Reading is the skill upon which success in every other academic
area is based. Study after study shows that students who cannot
read by age nine are unlikely to ever become fluent readers, and
have a higher tendency to drop out (Moats, 1999; Snow, Burns,
& Griffin, 1998).
Literacy in a child’s native language establishes a knowledge,
concept and skills base that transfers from native language
reading to reading in a second language (Collier & Thomas,
1992; Cummins, 1989; Escamilla, 1987; Rodríguez, 1988).


Parent’s Training

“Parents as the First
Teachers of their children”

Help your children build the
stepping-stones to reach
their highest potential

Doman’s View
• Reading should be taught at home
• Reading is the baby’s birthright
• Young children are ready because
reading is natural and fun

1687 Summer St NE Salem OR 97301 US


Old View
• Reading is a school subject
• Reading should begin at six
• Young children are not “ready”
to learn to read